I’m so High!

Title says it all… OH MY GOSH!!!



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Lately, I have an obsession of looking into anyone’s eyes. Although there is actually no direct eye to eye contact but I have this “habit” of looking into someone’s eyes.

I don’t know why but I like to look at people’s eyes. I am especially attracted to blue or green ones. Especially heterochromic eyes or albino eyes!

Guess I am so pressed right now that I am going nuts!

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I’m Getting so Irritated!

Gah! I am making a new blog at livejournal.com solely focusing on my gaming life.

Now, my patience is at its end. Oh my goodness, for just 1 ONE profile picture, they can not manage to upload it. The internet connection is good but still there’s always this “error page.” It would have been nice if this was the first time but it is not.


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Oh, I just met up with a former high school batchmate, and he was talking about his new profound love life. He finally broke up with his former lover, although I really think that they were very in love with each other but since they are islands apart, they decided it was better to permanently break.

As I listened, I really wondered what it was really like to fall, no, to be exact to have a mutual reciprocative  attraction. -sigh-

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I actually didn’t do what I was ought to do before graduation and even after – confessing my feelings. I did realize it was no more than a thought that grew;  it was just for self-satisfaction. Nothing more, nothing less.

I actually saw this person one day in the downtown when I met up with my high school friends, we waved at each other, and there was nothing inside of me.

Aside from that, I heard a news that this person was going out with another classmate, so I wish them all the best. I think they deserve each other because, as far as I think, they are very down to earth.

Now, I am going to have a quest on finding this person who will really make my heart beat! =)

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A Final Decision

As I was traveling around yesterday, no  joke, I had a realization. I was all along just infatuated, nothing more, nothing less. Oh well, it is adolescence.


So, I won’t tell that person that I had some sort of attachment to him. Anyway, I will be leaving tomorrow and I have to focus on the road ahead. -sigh- So I guess our roads are not meant to meet.

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Courage and Cowardice

All right, I have a great confession plan.

Well, before the new semester starts (I will be a college freshman by June) , I shall the this person how I feel.

I am doing this because I won’t be studying at the same university as this person. I will study in another province while this person while study here at my hometown.


What a great plan right? -looks at the ceiling with teary eyes-

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New Plot

Hey! mwahahaha, I, Apple, have a new plot in my head. Well, I wonder if it shold be a fanfiction or an original story. If fanfiction, I think it should be Maruma this time since I have over-indulged myself with TeniPuri.


It’s angst and naturally a romantic story about two lovers…

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Once in awhile, we do harbor some affection to someone. I think that nobody is an exception.

Well, there’s this person in my class. We were classmates/acquaintances when we were second year students. Then when we were third year students, we were in different classes, so I never really got to expand our friendship. Then now, I’m a senior student, we’re classmates again. I really admire this person. This person really changed a lot. He was a stone two years ago but he was agreeable and now he seems to open up. He smiles and laugh. Well a really major leap of faith.

Anyway, I told myself that I’ll tell my feelings to this person before we graduate. =D

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Weekends are supposed to be happy days but, if the Mondays that loom have a lot of load work, weekends are just meaningless.

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